The Story of Wedfully Yours

Hello! If you haven't been able to tell, we have been on this roll of getting these blog posts out and there is just so much good stuff to share. We will finally get back to posting our real weddings, editorials, and so much more. If you did not get a chance to catch our first post of the darling fall wedding, you can read it here. While we will be sharing more of our work on these posts, I want to take some time to tell the story of Wedfully Yours Events and how we've gotten to where we are today. Grab your favorite beverage, and get cozy! 

Although my business officially began soon after my very own wedding, the desire for weddings, events, and everything design related came for me when I was a little girl. I enjoyed setting up for pretend parties, making special invites, and hosting all sorts of events. When I watched movies that had the full, elaborate weddings executed by the fabulous wedding planners, I thought that was definitely a job I wanted when I grew up. When it was time to actually select a major in college, my parents did not find being a wedding planner amusing so I went to become a nurse. After 2 years of nursing prerequisites, I did not find that profession to be something for me, which lead me to the path of kinesiology. After being in the corporate world for a few years, I found myself engaged to my best friend and finally getting to have a little taste of my dream job. On our honeymoon, I expressed to my shiny new husband how much I wanted to make this a career and wish I could do it everyday. Well, he helped me make it happen! On that trip we made a business plan and how we would transition me from leaving the typical desk job and into owning my own business. (Side note: Having a driven, God-fearing spouse lead your marriage is the BEST)

After all the boring financial planning and employment strategy was done, then came the fun part- the business name, logo, website, etc. When we were trying to come up with my business name, it almost came to me immediately. Wedfully Yours was what I signed all of my mass emails to our wedding party and vendors. I thought I was being so clever! To my friends, I'm sure you all were excited for those emails to end because you thought you would never have to see that cheesy signature again, but sorry! Now it is plastered all over your social media feeds :) I know I wanted the look of my brand to be eye-catching, playful, and of course, very girly. At one time my favorite was glitter and now I must say I prefer a refined metallic- look how "mature" I've gotten ;)

So then we began to advertise and try to get my name out there. My first clients were my loving sorority sisters who were willing to trust me with their big day and take a chance- thank you guys! My first non friend client came from Craig's List and yes, you read that right! Fortunately she turned out to be just a lovely bride and we got along wonderfully. She really trusted my vision and it was a great experience for me! From there I was able to network and fell into a group of incredible girlbosses that had been in the industry for awhile and took me under their wings. This could be a post within itself, but our wedding industry in the DFW area is just amazing. The community is so much stronger than the competition- I've made some of my closest friends through this network! 

At the beginning my team consisted of just myself and another person. Remember when I said having a loving husband is the best? Well he was the other part of my team! He did the advertising/marketing, accounting and would help craft whatever it was I dreamed up, show up to weddings and be my assistant. Let's just say he really loved me, because he is not a fan of weddings ;) Finally we reached a point where I could bring on more help so he could stop dreading his weekends. Now our team consists of a group of hard-working gals that make stunning floral work and effortless weddings! 

First came my love for event design and the execution of a full event- the high pressure of getting everything together in a given time frame while bringing out this creative design fuelled me. Then I realized how much I loved to play with flowers and how big of a part they played in any of my design schemes. A year into wedding planning, we decided adding on floral services was a good move for the company. With all the talk of pretty event design, passion for pursuing dream careers, and playing with flowers everyday, the true purpose behind Wedfully Yours Events is this: celebrating marriages. The beautiful union of man and woman in the eyes of God and the special relationships I get to cultivate with these clients as they prepare for the best day of their lives. That's where it's at! 

Photography- Amanda Watson Photography ~ Florals + Styling- Wedfully Yours ~ Beauty- Beauty & the Blush ~Venue- Event 1013 ~ Dress- Sarah Seven