Motherhood for All

Mother's Day. A day of so much celebration for motherhood, yet a day of grief for many out of motherhood. I'm going to be transparent here and say that I feel as "out" of motherhood as I can be at this point in my life, but I will say that I am at peace with that being where God has me right now. More transparency- I don't always feel that peace! If today is one of those days you don't quite feel the content, here's to all my sisters in need of a little lift:

To the ones who have lost their mothers: This I relate to the most, as I know how painful today can be watching so many others get to spend the day with their moms and shower her with appreciation. You can celebrate today too as you remember your mom and the love she poured over you. I also encourage you to embrace the moms who are still with us today and let them know how much they are cherished. God bless these women who step in and fill in for our mothers who have gone to heaven!

To the ones who have lost children: For those in this category, my most sincerest prayers for your aching hearts. I cannot imagine the pain you feel everyday nonetheless what today specifically celebrates. Rejoice that they are dancing with Jesus in heaven and that  you will see them one day again. Big hugs to you. 

To those are soon to be mothers: I'm so excited for you and the journey you'll take. I pray for the little ones growing in your bellies to not just grow to be physically strong and healthy, but to have solid, God-fearing hearts. I can only imagine the rush of feelings you may have- anxiety, excitement, nervousness, the list goes on I'm sure. As I don't know from personal experience, but from many observations, you can never be fully prepared. You can never have it all figured out by the time he or she is born. You just have to trust in the instincts you were given. 

To those who hope to be mothers one day: I can relate to this feeling as well. You may be longing to be with child, or it may not be right now but hope to become a mother someday. Either way, I pray for patience and peace as you prepare your hearts for His plan. It can be a long road and sometimes seem hopeless, but I urge you to remain faithful- there is purpose to everything! In the meantime, love on your husbands and reinforce your marriages, that is the main foundation to any family. 

To the fur moms: You aren't forgotten! You are equally as important and should celebrate today with all the other moms. We have just as much responsibility- bathing, feeding, potty accidents, cuddles, exercising, disciplining, it's a lot of work! If those pups and kitties had thumbs, they would be covering your homes with all sorts of cards and flowers letting you know how much they appreciate your big hearts. Instead, the kisses and wagging tails will have to suffice :)

Cheers to all of you women for sharing your love with us and for being selfless time and time again. You're the real MVPs!